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EFile Federal Taxes Online


Filing Federal Taxes Online has many benefits for the taxpayers like better accuracy, easy accessibility to past data, friendly e-filing instructions and prompt processing including faster direct deposit of refund. Submitting tax documents to the US Internal Revenue Service through the Internet without the need to submit any paper documents is made possible through online e-filing. In the US, in the year 2018, 89% of tax returns were filed electronically.

Individual tax payers also call 📞 1-855-481-5333 to get assistance for tax related query .

Here we take up various modes individually that can be used for filing federal tax online:

Avail IRS Freefile Program to File Taxes For Free

The IRS Free File program is a widely popular service which is a partnership between the agency and a consortium of 10 companies that includes H&R Block, Intuit (maker of TurboTax) and TaxSlayer. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is a free payment service provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. To file tax, the taxpayer needs to get enrolled and once they receive their credentials. Also you need to aware about IRS E File Tax Extension 2020 due to Covid-19 virus .

They can pay any tax due and also get some of the forms that fall under business returns like Form 2290 (truck tax), Form 1099 (reporting payments to individuals other than employees. Users need to check the pricing for each with the separate filing company as they set their own prices accordingly. IRS also has a list of authorized websites that do e-filing for some forms.

Benefits of Filing Tax Through FreeFile

It’s Free for All: Taxpayers with income of $69,000 or less can use brand-name software and those who’ve earned more can use FreeFile Fillable Forms.

Easy To Understand Question And Answer Format: The tax software’s Q&A type format provides an easy guide to the taxpayers so they can find the appropriate tax forms, do automatic calculations and find tax breaks and tax credits

IRS For Direct Deposit: Payment comes straight into your bank account; quickly and securely. Check your refund status on IRS My Refund tool.

Easy Online Extensions: For those who cannot finish filing their return by the July 15 deadline, it’s easy to use FreeFile to request a 3-month extension. The extension of time to file should not be taken as an extension of time to pay therefore while requesting an extension to filing, they must estimate the tax amount and pay it with the extension date to avoid any penalties and interest.
Some of the leading tax software companies that are a partner of the IRS also offer free state tax return filing.

Free File Online Products for Income $69,000 or Below

  • File your taxes with free, easy to use software
  • Free state return options – Taxpayers can use the Free File Online Lookup Tool to find free federal and free state return options

Free File Online Products for Income above $69,000

  • For those above $69,000, they can still use fillable forms
  • Who are comfortable filing taxes themselves;
  • Can do the math and only require basic guidance
  • Must have filed their 2018 tax return
  • No support of the free software
  • Can’t do your state taxes

Unless you’re a pro at filling out taxes or are seeking guidance in areas of tax preparation then you must consider E-filing Tax software solutions or find a tax preparer professional or a company who does the taxes on your behalf.

Approved Tax Preparation Software

Timely and accurate filing of State and Federal Tax is important and tax software packages are meant to complete your returns easy. There is a wide range of tax preparation software available in the market that charge a basic fee for basic filing, whereas others can cover additional tax aspects like investments and real estate, for a small chargeable amount.

Tax software giants like TurboTax and H&R Block tweak their e-filing options thereby making them better every single year. While more benefits are available on a paid basis in these software, most of the big players also run a free version that lets consumers with simple tax returns needs file federal and potentially even state taxes, for free.

Tax software like TurboTax has been around for decades and acclaimed as the best overall tax software. It offers $ZERO federal and state filing with no income limits for W-2 earners. They have a clear and structured Questions and Answers format to deal with complicated financial and users can store tax documents on Cloud. Other benefits include Free Final Review line-by-line from a qualified CPA besides a guaranteed maximum tax refund. TurboTax’s Free Edition includes free federal and state e-file. More details you can dial TurboTax Help Desk Number , call Toll Free 📞 1-855-481-5333 now .

Whereas, H&R Block’s 2020 software, has a free online version paid on a basic W-2 and its paid version can handle just about any return.

Other Benefits Of Tax Preparation Software Include:
File Electronically or Print & Mail: Send prepared tax forms electronically to the IRS and respective state, Plus, print and mail a copy of their filing.

Automatically Save Your Progress:  Full start and stop account access so you can pick up where you left off each time and complete your tax return at your own pace.

Cloud Storage: Store all your important tax documents in one place for easy access and furnish data in a single click

User Data & Privacy Remains Protected: Although dealing with tax preparer professionals is another common practice but more and more companies are relying on tax filing software as they are bound by clauses that prevent them from selling information to advertisers, if opted, they do not sell any additional products.

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