How To Cancel A Cheque in Sage 50?

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Sage 50 provides productive accounting and finance solutions. It contains various features like creating a cheque, transactions, and invoices. However, their specific scenario may arise when your check includes a substantial amount, or you miss mentioning some figure or entered the wrong date. Sage 50 permits straightforward solutions to hand such situations, including canceling or deleting acheque. This article will describe about Sage 50: how to cancel Acheque, and simple steps to delete a wrong written cheque. To clear doubts return wizard , write off, refund return Cheque consult with experts on Sage Accounting Support team now on toll free toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305.

How To Void The Printed Cheque In Sage 50?

You can void the check if you cannot reprint checks instantly or edit it later. For instance, when you are writing and printing single checks through the payment entry screen, you need to void the check while closing the print checks screen. Here are the steps to void printed checks:

  • Locate print checks screen
  • Click on No option to reject the check if prompt asking if the checks are printed correctly.
  • Now reset the check status to not printed, double-clicking the column named check status or choosing the Reprint Range option.
  • Hit on Close button
  • A dialog box will appear on the screen to cancel the check run & void entire checks then you have to hit on Yes option

What you have to do with Uncleared or lost check entry , find the answer go to Peachtree Help Phone Number and consult with right person .

How To Void A Printed Check With Payment Entry Screen Sage 50?

If you mistakenly entered a check and printed it, after some time you realize the issue, you can void the check through the A/P Payment entry Screen. Here is the list of steps:

  • Locate and Open Accounts Payable
  • Hit on A/P Transactions
  • Choose Payment Entry
  • It will display the batch & the entry.
  • Now locate the detail table.
  • Choose a preferred check to void.
  • Hit on void check
  • After this, a prompt will appears on the screen; then, you have to click on the Yes option.

Complete guide and step by step instruction Changing Fiscal Year End Sage 50 Accounting software .

Voiding Vendor Check Which Already Printed Sage 50

What to do if the batch has been posted and printed?

You require locating the Bank Services and choosing Reverse transactions. It will results in the reversing of the check and re-establishing of the AP invoice. After this user can generate a new payment batch, re-post, and then print the check . If Canadian Sage you are using and won’t locate the options mentioned above dial Sage Canada Toll free For assistance .

Sage 50 Vendor Setup is very easy process and you can choose the vendor payments mode either its be Check , Cash , Wire Transfer, Paypal or other

How To Delete A Check In A Closed Year In Sage 50?

You cannot change or remove the transaction once a year is closed. If you require reversing the check or added back to the bank due to check clearance failure, you have to do it through the General journal entry. Here are the steps you need to follow:

How To Remove Outstanding Checks From Sage Reports

Remove Outstanding Checks in the report:

Follow the below instructions:

  • Once the check was generated in a closed year through the write checks function, then a General journal entry will require to be generated to reverse entries created to connected G/L accounts within the check
  • For removing the check through the outstanding checks reports, you have to pull up the account reconciliation and delete the outstanding check
  • The general journal entry will reverse the entries
  • Now check the outstanding checks will no longer display on the outstanding checks report

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That’s all about Sage 50: how to cancel a cheque guide. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you when created a wrong check. Stay tuned in this platform to know more about canceling invoices, cheques, transactions, and much other information regarding cancellation and other essential accounting solutions.

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