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FYE is a leading specialty retailer of creative entertainment and pop culture stuff. The FYE Backstage Pass VIP members customer loyalty program offers a one of a kind modern pop culture experience and attractive savings. There are members-only deals on exclusive music, gifts, collectibles, toys, T-Shirts, Funko, Vinyl, used CDs & DVDs and Games. Members also get a store Backstage Pass for 10% off, restaurant and movie rebates, and more. However, things are not so simple with FYE. Often customers are dissatisfied with FYE and want to cancel FYE VIP membership because they notice they are spending too much on monthly subscription compared to minuscule savings they make. After all, it’s not worth to pay$12/month once the free trial is over for something that you aren’t using much. Some of the top complaints about FYE are related to expensive and damaged items, nerd junk items sold, and cranky customer service.

Cancelling Backstage Pass FYE Account

If you like to terminate FYE Membership and stop being charged, be prepared to jump hoops and face some staunch customer retention tactics. However, this guide on canceling F.Y.E. Backstage Pass VIP subscription is comprehensive and covers all possible ways to cancel FYE VIP membership.

Here’s How to Cancel FYE VIP Subscription ?

First, gather the information below before applying for an FYE subscription cancellation:

  • Membership number
  • You’re complete Name
  • Phone Number on Account
  • Email Address
  • Complete Billing Address including City, State/Province/Region & ZIP code
  • Last 4 Digits of Card used for subscription
  • Date and the amount last charged


How to Turn Off Auto Renewal for FYE VIP Backstage Subscription?

  • Login to your account from the Account Settings Page
  • Choose Subscription info
  • Click on Turn Auto-Renew Off

However, online cancellation of FYE account will only be applicable in the following scenarios:

  • If the subscription is online (Contact customer service if you are a print subscriber)
  • Your subscription should not be overdue
  • If you are canceling on the website, then you cannot cancel on the app


How to Cancel F.Y.E. Backstage Pass VIP Membership by phone?

  • Call FYE customer service at 📞 1-877-351-2131
  • Ask the advisor to cancel your account with FYE
  • Give your membership number and other details
  • You can request a refund, just in case
  • Be sure to take a confirmation number or retain your cancellation confirmation email

Cancellation F.Y.E. Backstage Pass VIP Membership Online?

  • There is also an option to cancel your FYE membership by filing a web form 
  • Enter first, & last name, email, phone number, membership no. in the fields
  • Fill the big box at the bottom with “Reason for contact – Cancellation of Membership” >> Submit
  • Retain the cancellation confirmation number or email for future reference


Stop F.Y.E. Backstage Pass VIP Subscription Via Email?

Regardless of the condition, you can call FYE customer service at any time to cancel your FYE VIP subscription.

  • Write an email to service@fyevip.com
  • Include all the details mentioned above
  • Once you submit a request, do retain their cancellation confirmation email


How to cancel F.Y.E. Backstage Pass VIP Membership via chat? 

You can also use the black chat widget option at the bottom of the page to chat with an FYE representative and make a cancellation request in real time between 10 am to 6 pm ET – Monday – Friday. Follow the same steps as above and retain the cancellation confirmation for future references.

When will my FYE Subscription cancellation be effective?

Membership Cancellation will be effective the same day of making the request. The customer will keep availing of the paid-only features for the remaining period under the present subscription. After the current subscription period is over, the access will expire and the customer won’t be charged further.

Customers who have subscribed via FYE App through iTunes need to cancel their subscription with  iTunes directly .

Will my FYE Backstage Pass free trial be automatically changed to a paid subscription?

Yes, the new members are offered a 1-month free trial and once this tenure is over, the subscription will automatically convert into a paid one unless the customer contacts FYE customer service for the membership cancellation within the free trial.

What is FYE Refund Policy?

Backstage refunds are only available on annual and semi-annual subscriptions up to 10 days from the date of billing. Monthly subscriptions are not eligible for a refund, except in cases of double-billing or some clerical errors.

How to can I unsubscribe from Emails And delete my profile with FYE?

When you request a subscription cancellation, it will automatically unsubscribe you from the FYE emails. To get your profile and account deleted, you can send a request to FYE backstage customer support at: service@fyevip.com.

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  1. Kayla Spired says:

    When checking out of FYE, I do not recall saying I signed up for a membership. I haven’t been to FYE for years! And yet… I have money taken out of my account every month or whenever!
    I want to cancel the membership or what the duck ever it is!

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