Every year more than 42 billion people flock to the Grand Canyon State of Arizona to experience its startling and diverse terrain. Arizona’s rugged beauty enthralls everyone and ranges from low deserts to alpine ski zones with its own version of West Coast beaches.

Arizona’s climate varies widely by altitude. Temperature can fall drastically at a high plateau and mountainous regions and can go up to 100 F in summer months at lower elevations.

From desolate landscapes to posh galleries and shops, it’s all there.

Golfing, hiking, climbing, and riding are all the popular activities here. Artists, hippies, and new-genres, history lovers have a lot here to explore. But everyone who comes off a flight to Arizona loves to see the wondrous sites of the painted desert and the Grand Canyon.

The low desert is most popular where the out-of-state visitors come in winters. Although there is a variety of best times to visit based on regional climates.

The lowest prices throughout the state are during the shoulder seasons of March to May and September through November.

Phoenix Sky Harbor and Tucson International airports are the main airports which are catered by top airlines like Delta, American, Alaska, United and Virgin America, British Airways, Air Canada.

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