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How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership

Fitness Connection is a health and recreation facility club that provides suited for excursive, sports, and other physical activities. The local gym’s advertisements boast state of the art facilities at a very low price of just $9.95 a month with no contract boundation. Their operations scale in North Carolina, Nevada, and Texas regions and they offer multiple training options like personal, small group, and team sessions with other facilities such as spas, pools, steam room and saunas.

But in tough times like COVID pandemic, there are a large proportion of customers who prefer to cancel their Fitness Connection gym membership. Contrary to what you think, cancelling a gym membership can be a source of stress? The health clubs business is rife with tales of how customers are made to jump the hoops before they can get out of their contracts. And it can be the same with Fitness Connection if you don’t follow the proper process for cancelling your membership.

Cancellation Process Of FitnessConnection

Here’s all you need to know before cancelling the Fitness Connection membership and how to avoid getting sleepless nights because of being charged despite sending a cancellation request.


Although the company offers a no contract, month to month option, it is important to go through the mandatory clauses for cancellation below and follow the right process to cancel your Fitness Connection gym membership.

Terms & Conditions Cancelling Fitness Connection Subscription

Account Cancellation Conditions

  • Individuals must provide a 30-day notice and if another billing occurs within the 30-day notice period then the member will have to go through one more billing cycle and they can access to the facilities and other things during application for cancellation.
  • Members who have availed an annual contract and their notice period falls within the annual fee due date, they will have to pay it. They also need to complete the initial commitment period for being eligible for the cancellation of membership
  • In other emergency cases like medical or relocation, a proof of the same has to be attached while applying for the cancellation of Membership.

Pro Tip: For monthly contract, cancel your Fitness Connection membership on the billing day so you can get a full 30-day grace period and may prevent your card from being charged for the next billing too.

What You’ll Need for Cancelling FitnessConnection Membership

Fitness connection needs some basic info like membership details and your detail, including, other information reasonably necessary to verify the authenticity of your request. Leave no room for confusion, keep these handy.

  • Barcode, or key tag numbers associated with the account
  • First Name & Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number associated with the membership
  • Username & Password if you want to submit a request online
  • Complete Billing Address
  • Reason for Cancellation (in case of yearly contract)
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Date & Amount of the Last Charge
  • Account Number

How to Cancel Fitness Connection’s Membership by Mail?

Sending a physical piece of mail to a specific address where you signed the contract is the suggested way to cancel your Fitness Connection Membership. Many customers have reported that if they ever get through to an advisor after a long wait over the phone, they are told that cancellations are not accepted over the phone at the moment and are advised to send a physical piece of mail to a specific address where they are billed for cancellation.

  • Check the point above – What you’ll need for cancelling your membership and include it in your letter
  • Write a letter with your first and last name, house address, reason for cancellation
  • Attach your member ID that is found on the back of your gym ID card.
  • Also, depending on the contract, you may need to prove that you have relocated far away, etc, by uploading some forms if doing it over the email.
  • Mail it to the address where you signed the contract and not just any business or local office
  • Make sure you keep receipt and tracking number of the mail sent as this is must

How to Cancel Fitness Connection’s Membership Online?

Keep this info handy: barcode, tag number and their name, birth date, phone number and complete address on the contract

  • Visit the Fitness Connection website to find the cancellation formand complete this online cancellation form.
  • Provide your email address mentioned during signing the contract and submit your cancellation
  • You will be emailed a client case number
  • Submit this case number to Fitness Connection to confirm cancellation.
  • You will receive a 30-day notice upon cancellation

Note: The Dallas/Austin members need to contact different customer service number to cancel their membership.

How to Cancel Fitness Connection’s Membership on Phone

Before calling keep your account membership, barcode, or tag number handy

Reconfirm with the advisor if you’ve met all the conditions outlined in your contract and only then request for the cancellation

You will receive an email confirmation once the cancellation request is accepted

Call Fitness Connection customer service at 📞 (281) 931-6609. Dallas/Austin members need to call 📞 (800) 922-7898.

You can register your feedback at Member Services: 📞 800-922-7898

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8 AM – 6 PM CST

Thursday: 10AM – 6PM CST

How to Cancel Fitness Connection’s Membership Over the Email

Customer can go on-line and close their memberships on their own.

  • Keep your account membership, barcode, or tag information handy
  • Read the Fitness Connection’s contract carefully and ensure that you meet the initial commitment period and any other commitment before proceeding
  • Members can email Fitness Connection at memberservice@fitnessemail.netand request for cancellation by clearly providing the barcode, tag number and their name, birth date, phone number and complete address on the contract
  • Once the membership is successfully cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email for the same


Ever since the COVID has caused the gyms to close, around the last week of March, many members have reported that the membership fee is getting auto-debited from your bank account. However, complying with the local government, Fitness Connection issued a notice: “All membership billing has been automatically frozen for the duration of the time we will be closed.”

As per Fitness Connection COVID update on their website, members who had their due date for fee payment in April will now be charged on the same day in June and that would be the new billing date going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]- FitnessConnection GYM membership Cancellation

I Am Not Using Fitness Connection Service; Can I Get My Fee Refunded? 

The membership agreement explains all the terms clearly like the cancellation, all associated fees their due dates when the agreement is signed at the point of sale. The annual fee is billed once a year every year and the due date and the said fee is mentioned in your contract.

The due date of the annual fee depends on the date of enrolment. Members who enrolled between November 1st and March 31st and their subsequent annual fee date falls around April 15th, but the club has moved it to the same day in June. And for those who have enrolled between July 1st and October 31st, customers will be billed on or about November 15th every year.


  • As per the standardized membership agreement, a cancellation notice must be mailed to the address listed for your region in the contract.
  • Fitness Connection memberships that are month to month can be cancelled by submitting a 30 days’ notice of cancellation.
  • All regions accept online cancellation except the Dallas clubs.

What are the Acceptable Proofs of Fitness Connection Cancellation Request Made?

Once you send a mail or emailed Fitness Connection for cancellation and have the proof of submission, you can submit it to the region’s cancellation department for review.

Acceptable proof of cancellation accepted by Fitness Connection includes – A confirmation email for the application submitted online or the certified receipt w/ tracking number of the mail sent.

In case you have missed out on any of the above stipulations, then the Fitness Connection can continue charging the membership fee. Many customers in angst, sometimes cancel their bank card registered with the gym to stop getting billed. Although understandable, this may lead to negative reporting from the gym that will show on their credit report.

But don’t fret; if you follow the above steps properly, you should be able to cancel your Fitness Connection Membership without sweat and avoid further fee on your account.

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  1. Jose medrano says:

    I have not been to the gym since the pandemic &’ yesterday I get a club fee of 46$ not sure how if I have not gone to the gym.

    1. Jose medrano says:

      Any chance I can cancel my subscription to fitness connection? Rn I don’t plan on going and I wasn’t fixing on canceling but if I’m gonna get charged 46$ fee I wouldn’t want that if I’m not even going.

  2. Iris Giron says:

    Quiero cancelar mi membresía y estoy tratando de llamar Para cancelarla y llevo todo el día intentando y me cortan la llamada que está pasando cuando llego al puesto número uno de la cola de espera

  3. Daphne Douglas says:

    I have not been able to use my gym membership for months due to the restriction of requiring face masks. At 73 years of age, I have a little shortness of breath, which is one of the reasons I want to get in better physical shape. I find it too restrictive to work out with the mask. I cannot breathe! I have talked to the desk staff on 3 occasions about this. I requested a manager call me, which never happened. This request was made just after my yearly fee was deducted AGAIN. I didn’t want it deducted. I knew I couldn’t use my membership during this pandemic. I have had my membership since 2008 with a one month break when I then came back under the newer program .
    I’m kindly asking you to refund my money since last June 15, $49.80 when it renewed. I have been to the gym only about 4 times. Three of those times seeking management about my breathing situation and inability to wear the mask while working out! Thank you in advance .
    Daphne Douglas 713 202-9016

  4. Delia Flores says:

    I have canceled my membership as of September and still I see yall are still taking out of my account only recently I have notice due to overdraft on my account cause of this

  5. Zuleika says:

    I have called already to cancel my membership and you have charged me again for the monthly payment.

    I have never gone to the gym to even finish the process in person or get the fitness connection card.

    Why do you continue to charge me?

  6. Unknown says:

    The gym is always pack. And people are taking the face mask off all the time. The manager didn’t tell them anything.

  7. Jeremy Quarles says:

    I’ve tried to cancel my membership online and over the phone .. can somebody please cancel my account asap FC2369523

  8. Keote Simien says:

    Can’t cancel my subscription and they’re taking money out my account without letting me know

  9. Edna Sams says:

    I cancelled my score sence last month and I got charged again this month. I have tried to cancel 2or 3 times now and still get charged. I would not recommend score sence to anyone.

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