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Process Converting Sage 50 Premium To Sage Pro

Sage 50 Premium To Sage 50 Pro Conversion

In this article, you’ll learn how to convert Sage 50 Premium to Pro. This means, we’ll help you to convert the company file created in the Premium version of this accounting software into a company file which can be accessed through the Pro version.

As of now, Sage doesn’t provide any service to downgrade your company file to a cheaper version. For instance, you cannot convert your company file from Premium to Pro. The easiest option for you may be to continue using the outdated software till the license allows. But you can dial toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 and get help from experts .

Downgrade Sage 50 Premium To Pro

Step By Step Process Below :

Otherwise, you can upgrade the same software. For instance, you can upgrade Premium 2015 to Premium 2018. To get more details free free to contact Sage 50 Support Number .

Convert Sage 50 Premium Company File to Sage 50 Pro Company File

If you’re adamant about downgrading your software, then there’s no workaround it. You’ll need to export data from Sage 50 premium, and import it into Sage 50 pro.
However, if you want to shift to the downgraded version permanently, then you need to export your accounting data including transactions, lists, and reports, and then import them into the downgraded version.

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Export Data from Sage 50 Premium

You can export your accounting data from Sage 50 in Excel or CSV format. Files in either of these formats can be imported directly in any version of Sage accounting software. To make things better, Sage 50 enables users to format the data before exporting it, making it easier to set various fields and sorting filters. This is also the point where you’ll have to narrow in on your selection of the data you wish to include in the exported file.

To export data from Sage 50 Premium, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the File
  2. Select Import/Export.
  3. Select the Template to use for exporting data.
  4. Click on Export. Click on the Filter tab to zero in on the data you want to export.
  5. Set the order of the fields. Data will be exported in this order. You can also sort the data according to these fields. For instance, if you export data on the basis of Customer Name, then the data will be formatted and sorted according to the same.
  6. Select the Date Range for the data to be exported.
  7. From the Filter Range option, fine tune your selection further.
  8. In the Fields tab, mark the checkbox against each field you want to include in the exported file.
  9. You can drag and set the order of the fields.
  10. Go to the Option tab, and select Include Heading, if you wish to include the heading of each field in the exported file.
  11. Click on Save, and Enter a new name for the template.
  12. Click ok, and wait for the confirmation process to complete.

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Data is exported fairly  quickly, but users must repeat the steps for each list and report. This can be cumbersome, but there’s no alternative available.

Import Data into Sage 50 Pro

Exported data in Excel or CSV format can easily be imported into Sage 50. However, users must map the transactions to correct accounts. You can create as many new accounts in Sage 50 as you’d like. Also, you have the option to select which data will be imported through the various filter options.

To import data which you exported from Sage 50 Premium into Sage 50 Pro, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the File menu, select Import/Export.
  2. Select the template you wish to use to import accounting data.
  3. Click on the Import
  4. Go through the displayed template along with the fields.
  5. From the Fields tab, Click on the show check box. Select each field which you want to include while importing the data.
  6. Use the Move button to organize the fields according to your own preferences.
  7. Click on the Arrow button, and select the file to import into Sage 50.
  8. Mark the option First Row Contains Heading if that is in fact the case.
  9. Click on Save.
  10. Click on Ok to begin the import process.


All the data from the excel file will be imported into Sage 50. However, matching the transactions with the correct account is just as important.

Sage 50 Premium to Pro File Conversion Service

You can rely on our services to get the downgraded version of Sage 50 company file. We will manually export all your data and create a new downgraded company file with it. Once the file is created, we’ll send it to you through a secure network. Most importantly, our services are very affordable. The cost starting from $299 but its totally depends upon data size and number of company file you are using consult with experts to connect Peachtree Support Phone Number .

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