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How To Convert QuickBooks Enterprise To Pro

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise To QuickBooks Pro Conversion

Although there’s no direct way to convert QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to Pro, you can still export data into excel or .CSV format from enterprise and then import it into pro. Moreover Intuit technical support will not assist you if you are looking for help for migration QuickBooks Enterprise To Pro. Although it’s your decision, why you are going to downgrade the QB version, because there are lots of features in QB enterprise also you can add as many as users while on the other side QB Pro has limited features and you can also go for 3 user licenses. Sometimes users decided to switch down to Pro from Enterprise due to some savings in expense because QB Pro is much cheaper than Enterprise . Sometimes business shrinks or limited employees in a company or company closed offices in multiple locations and now works at a single location or doesn’t need many features to manage small business accounting. If you are looking for professional services for Convert QuickBooks Enterprise To Desktop Pro then you can reach QuickBooks Support Number or you call directly toll free number toll free number ✆ +1-866-497-0057 .


Migration, Transfer QuickBooks Enterprise Data To QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Check out Top QuickBooks Export And Import Tools you can use for exporting data from Enterprise Desktop to Import into Pro version.

Process Converting QB Enterprise To Pro Edition

Restore Backup of Company File
One way to move from QuickBooks enterprise to pro is to utilize the backup file that you created by using the Pro version of this software. If this is the case, then you can avoid a lot of manual transfer of data. In fact, all the data that is compatible with the database structure of QuickBooks Pro will be imported.

The backup copy can also come in handy if you accidently damage the company file. This is why we recommend that you create regular backups and store multiple of them as a measure to curtail damage.

Note: You must store the backup file on the local drive, otherwise you’ll get an error while restoring your accounting data.

Find complete process step by step to Convert QuickBooks Accountant To Pro without any issues or errors.

To restore a backup file, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into QuickBooks with an admin account.
  2. From the File menu, click on Open or Restore Company.
  3. Click on Restore a backup copy. Hit next.
  4. Choose Local Backup, and then click on Next.
  5. Hit Browse, select the backup file located on your local hard drive.
  6. Click on Open.
  7. Click on Save when you’re ready to begin restoration of company data.

Using a Canadian version of QB then check out what you can do for Convert QuickBooks Canada To US Version in easy steps.

During the restoring process, the data from the backup file (.qbw) is stored in a new company file (.qbb). Therefore, you must select different file names for the company and backup file if they’re both stored in the same folder. If you don’t do this, your existing company file will be overwritten, and you won’t be able to get the data back.

If you are using version very old edition of the Enterprise then then you have to follow process Convert Quickbooks Company File To New Version first before moving ahead.

Export Data from Enterprise and Import into Pro

To convert QuickBooks enterprise into pro, you can export the data in excel/csv format from one version and import it into the other. This may seem tedious, but if you follow the process correctly, you won’t encounter any errors. The manual task may seem banal, but there isn’t any way around it.

Documents that you can export from Enterprise and import into Pro include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bank Transaction
  • Batch Transactions
  • General Journal Entries
  • Changes made by users and accountants
  • Customer, Vendor, and Supplier Lists
  • Other lists like – Chart of Accounts, Employees, Items, Sales Tax Codes, etc.
  • Other transactions like – Deposits, invoices, supplier bills, estimates, refunds, etc.

Do you want to Convert QuickBooks Pro To QuickBooks Premier and looking for a feasible way to do then find out complete details how to do in easiest way.

Export Data From QuickBooks Enterprise

To export data from QuickBooks Enterprise, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Customer/Payroll/ Supplier Centre.
  2. From the Excel dropdown menu, select:
    1. Export List – to export data such as name, contact information, and balance for a customer, supplier, or employee.
    2. Export Transactions – to export particular transactions.
  3. Click on Create a New Worksheet.
  4. Click on Export.

To export items, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the lists menu, click on item List.
  2. Go to the excel drop down, and select Export all items.
  3. Click on Create New Worksheet.
  4. Click on Export.


To export reports, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the report.
  2. From the Excel drop down, click on Create New Worksheet.
  3. Go through the preferences.
  4. Click on Export.

You’ll have to repea
t the process for customers, suppliers, employees, lists, and reports. This can be cumbersome, but all it takes is time.

There is no limitation on the number of worksheets you can export through QuickBooks. However, importing the data can be difficult because of a lack of accounting or technical knowledge.

Import Data Into QuickBooks Pro

In this article, we’ve provided the steps for standard import. If you want advanced options, then you can select the same. However, if you need all the data from the excel worksheets, then the standard import is the easiest and most reliable option available.

To import data from excel worksheets into QuickBooks Pro, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the File menu, click on Utilities.
  2. Go to Import, and click on Excel Files.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to import your data successfully:
    1. Choose the type of data you’re importing.
    2. QuickBooks will format the data and provide you with an overview. To manually add any data at this point, click on Add My Data Now.
    3. Review your preferences, then click Close.

You can import data from as many excel worksheets as you want. This is a very tedious process, and can take a lot of your time.

Check All QB Enterprise Data Imported Into QB Pro

Review your Data
In QuickBooks, you can create reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, etc. to ascertain the accuracy of converted data. If the balances in the reports match, then you’ve successfully converted QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro. However, if there’s a discrepancy, then you must find and correct it to manage your books properly.

A report, like a balance sheet, shows you the financial health of your company. There are many report types available in QuickBooks, and even these can be customized. To create a report, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the main menu, click on Reports.
  2. Select the report you want to run.
  3. Select the date range.
  4. Click on Run.

Note : Once you’ve created a report in QuickBooks enterprise, run the same one is QuickBooks pro. If the reports are the same, then all your data was successfully imported. However, any discrepancy in data can be corrected by manually entering data.

You can also memorize reports in QuickBooks. Memorized reports can be pulled and run quickly. These are often reports which users need on a regular basis. Then, you also have the option to customize a report for better analysis.

If you don’t possess the required accounting and technical knowledge, then you can always rely on our data conversion services. Our experts can take your Enterprise company file and convert it into a Pro company file. Further, we always send and receive the company file from our clients over a secured network.

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  2. Nathan says:

    Converting QB Enterprise to QB Pro and Premier is explained. What about converting QB Enterprise to QB Accountant version (desktop) , It is QB Enterprise 2021 , No we have the Accountant version that we purchased. How much is Pro? So have an Active Accountant license and our business case requires the Accountant features. However can you tell me what the process is for getting our backup from QB for our Enterprise data. We had it backing up daily using the QB remote backup service. Our subscription expired to Enterprise a few days ago. We are very concerned that our data may be held hostage. Is that fear legitimate or are we over thinking this?

  3. Entech says:

    What is the standard charge from moving to QB enterprise back to QB pro? using QB enterprise gold 2022 ,file size is 526,120KB ,I just need to know how much the conversion will cost we are not ready to do it today

  4. Mile says:

    I have a client who want’s his QB enterprise file to downgrade to QB desktop pro, This is a canadia version of QB enterprise file, I’d like to know if you provide the service to convert the file?, Can you tell me how much your company charge for this?

  5. Fannie R. Boykin says:

    i need to move my quickbooks enterprise company file to quickbooks pro plus 2022 , its older version and expired , i want to move to Quickbooks Pro Plus 2022 , is there any option if i send you my company file you can convert it

  6. Talbot says:

    just reading about how to convert or export from qb enterprise back to premiere 2019 , I have the enterprise files backed up to a zip drive. Unable to access Enterprise.

  7. Marvin says:

    I have a customer that has enterprise version 21 and would like to sent qb data files to a bookkeeper that uses Premier. Is that a service from you guys?, I am just doing the research at this point to find out if it can be done. Then i need to sent instructions to my customer, is that exceptable?, is there a charge for this service?,so should i have them contact you directly? it should be minimal data

  8. Betty A. Farnsworth says:

    I currently have QB Desktop Accountant. I am getting 3 clients who are currently using QB Enterprise. Is there a way to convert their files back to Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2022, I’m checking now. I believe it’s pro, but I’m not at my office, so I’m asking my partner.,The most recent release of QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Plus is included with your ProAdvisor Premier software bundle subscription.”, That’s an email I received from them. Does that tell you anything?, I’m curious, if I can get access to a computer with Enterprise if I can convert it back?

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    can you downgrade a QB file from enterprise 21 to enterprise 18?, File, Do you know of anyone that can do this? , convert it to excel and import it to QB 2018?, Can I get a QB 2021 desktop version without annual subscription?, Do you sell it?,Is this a pro version?, Can I read an enterprise version file using the pro version?, What is the cost for the pro version?

  11. Sherri Davis says:

    I am trying to convert a QB file from enterprise to premier can you help me using 18 enterprise, should I update the file to 2021, Ok I just updated it to 2021, FYI so now I am on current version and yes I am in the QBW file now

  12. Veronica says:

    I downgrade from enterprise? 2021 I just know enterprise is very expensive and I have to pay for it every year.,Myself and sometimes a helper. We never work on the same company at a time so I can use the same user name.,2022

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    Do you have teh ability to downgrtade a quickbooks company file to an older version? using 2020, Want to move it back to 2017, 2017 is pro, 2020 is accountant desktop

  14. Olivia Cole says:

    What is the cost to convert a small data file from Enterprise to Desktop (QuickBooks)? Desktop Pro Plus 2022 Enterprise 2021 I think, We are taking over management of a small nonproft. The current manager is using Enterprise and we use Desktop Pro Plus 2022, Is there a charge?,Is there a charge for this service? I want to know the cost before I provide my information.

  15. Randy says:

    can you convert an Enterprise file to a Premier or Pro file (downgrade path)?,Enterprise 2017, purchasing a new program, I don’t think we are making use of Enterprise features. It seems once we “upgrade” to Ent 2022, we move to a SaaS model and have to pay annually to keep our file, is there a matrix of features comparing Enterprise to the lower tier package to figure out what if anything we may lose?

  16. Sandra Ramirez says:

    im looking to see how to convert enterprise qb file to pro , I see that it doesnt carry over transactions,can you export that part then import it after the conversion, do you offer conversion as a service?,I am not looking to do it now, just looking for info, and also in a class,what do I lose by converting from QB enterprise to pro, well enterprise supports inventory and QB pro does not…, and I see that you cant carry over transactions when exporting it

  17. Gretchen Reeves says:

    Hi. I am a tax accountant. I have one client that recently purchased QB Enterprise. All other clients are on QB Pro as am I. Will I be able to convert a backup Enterprise file so that I can work on it in QB Pro?

  18. Rodney Rockwell says:

    I have Quickbooks Enterprise Accountant because when I ordered Quickbook Pro they were out and sent me Enterprise instead this was 3 years ago too expensive to update I have Quickbooks Pro Plus 2022 that I would like to import the fles of 5 companys into and would not be going back to Enterprise do you know how this can be done?

  19. Keli Christy says:

    Had Enterprise. New computer. Lost it. It was old….probly 2006 or so. Bought Pro and cannot use. Need conversion of all of Enterprise to Pro. Intuit QBooks Plus Pro Download Product ,There are 2 accounts on Enterprise. Superior and my personal. I need them both converted and will pay for each

  20. Fiona Dickens says:

    I am tying to convert a QB Enterprise file to QB Pro. Any thoughts? I need to figure out if we should. Now is there a link to the steps, or when I ready should I just head back here?

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