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How To Cancel Starz Subscription In Quick And Easy Way

STARZ service costs between $8.99 and $13.99 a month, depending from where you subscribe to it. Users can subscribe to the service directly by using the STARZ app and pay $8.99 a month. However, if you already have another service that offers Starz as an add-on, then you don’t need to register again, you can add Starz to the bouquet in 1 or 2 simple clicks. Amazon continues to be people’s favorite place to try out an extended free trial of STARZ, both in the UK and in US where they offer an extra 7 days in addition to a 30 day free trial of STARZ. You can do the same at AT&T TV (formerly known as Direct TV), and HULU. But once the free trial is about to get over and you had enough of binge watching, you can easily cancel the STARZ subscription from any device. There are also no penalties or fees applicable on early cancellation. And for subscription longer than 1 month, new subscribers are eligible for a full refund if they go for cancellation within the free trial period of 7 days. Here’s how you can cancel your STARZ subscription in several ways like online, through email, or phone or through your streaming services like Amazon or Hulu.

Cancelling Online Starz Account Subscription

Canceling Starz Subscription Online From the Website in Your Web Browser

  • Open Starz website in a web browser > > Click on Have Starz > > Choose Starz streaming
  • Now log-in to your account > > Click on Settings from the upper right corner
  • Then Click on Subscription > > Click Cancel My Subscription & follow the steps to complete your cancellation

Starz Subscription Cancellation Android & Apple Users

How to Cancel Starz Subscription on Android / Apple device?

  • Open your web browser
  • On an Android Device > > Click on the 3 dots at the top upper right corner > > Tap on “Request desktop site
  • On an Apple Device > > next to the address bar hold the Refresh Icon (small circular arrow) > > Choose “Request desktop site
  • Once the Desktop Site opens > > Click on the 3 lines at the top left and Log-in
  • Enter email address associated with your Starz account > > Tap on “Log in with Starz” > > Enter Password and Log-in
  • In your Profile > > Go to Settings > > Select Subscription > > Select Cancel at the bottom > > Follow the steps to complete cancellation

How Do I Cancel My Starz Subscription From My Iphone?

  • Click on Settings in iPhone > > Tap on your Name at the top
  • Click on iTunes & App Store > > Tap your Apple ID at the top > > Enter your password if prompted > > Tap Subscriptions > > Tap Starz > > Choose Cancel Subscription

Canceling Starz Over the Phone

  • You can also call the 24/7 Starz live phone support number at 1-855-247-9175 and ask the advisor to cancel your subscription.

Canceling Starz by Email

  • You can also cancel the Starz subscription by email by filling a simple form on their Contact us page on the website or write directly to Starz at [email protected].
  • How Do I Cancel My Starz Subscription on Amazon Prime?

    • Sign in to the Amazon Prime account linked to the Starz subscription
    • Hover over the Accounts & Listsnext to your name on top > > Choose Your Memberships & Subscriptions from the options below > > Select Prime Video Channels > > Click on Cancel Channel(s) link for Starz under the Actions column > > Confirm Cancellation

    For Subscription Outside of the Refund Window, or for Subscriptions Within the Billing Period of 1 Month – Simply turn-off auto-renewal of Starz Subscription – when you go to Your Membership & Subscriptions and you see Starz with a box on the right labeled “Actions”, then simply turn off auto-renewal

    How Do I Cancel My Starz Subscription On Fire TV?

    • If you have downloaded the Starz app on an Amazon device such as FireTV and you have subscribed for the service from within the Starz app:
    • Then Go to App Store Subscriptions > > Find STARZ > > Select ‘Actions’ next to it > > Select Cancel your subscription

    Once you choose to cancel, the renewal date of your subscription becomes the end date and you won’t be charged for any further subscription and you can continue to access the services till this date. Hope after reading this article, you are able to cancel your Starz subscription with ease. Do write to us if you want to know anything else regarding your Starz services.

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    Fax: 720-852-9811
    Email : [email protected]

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  1. Sharron Perkins says:

    I cancelled my subscription trial oway before time ended and my account is in the negative now because Starz kept trying to get money. I downloaded the app and cancelled my subscription and called them but they have yet to cancel it!!!

  2. Penny Ducksworth says:

    I decided I’m not to subscribe stars and I cancelled my subscription but I’m still been charged I never downloaded the app

  3. Florence Barrillon-Pomes says:

    I want to cancel my subscription with starz entertainment. I had a three month trial for free and I hope you did not charge me $78 as my bank indicates. It is certainly a mistake and I would appreciate a refund.

  4. Barbara Standridge says:

    This is the 2nd month that I have been charged for Starz. I can’t download anything on my phone and don’t have internet at home only DVDs so I want my money back and this account cancelled.

  5. Wandaalvarez says:

    I canceled two months ago and he still charged me; I need someone call me ASAP at (702) 689-3782

  6. Steph says:

    I was rudely hung up on while inquiring why after only 4 days my free trial for 7 days ended. Poorest customer service ever. I was going to continue on day 7 with the I payment however NOW I want to be sure your company unsubscribe me and remove me as a customer. I have also taken pictures to prove I was supposed to have until the 23rd of October and I’m taking a picture of this. Please unsubscribe me and talk with the SUPPOSED CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS,THEY LOST A CLIENT WITH THEIR INDIGNANT BEHAVIOR THAT WAS TOTALLY UNWARRANTED.

  7. Marilyn Dalton says:

    just not happy with starz. I want to cancel it before you take $8.99 out of my account. Thanks.

    1. Marilyn Dalton says:

      I want to cancel starz account now. thank you. because I dont watch it mch. no movies that I am interested in. thank you please cancel my account now.

  8. michelle carelli says:

    I want to cancel my account of startz because I don’t watch it to much and would like to have my money put back on my card.

  9. Barbara Gill says:

    I am tried of you keep taking money’s off my card 9.62 and I don’t watch stars.put my 9.62 back on my card.and stop messing with my money’s.I been cancel .

  10. Barbara Simmons says:

    I would like to cancel out on this star prescription because you’re taking money out on my account every month and I’m not seeing it I was told that she would cancel out for me last month and she didn’t do it please cancel this outstop taking money out of my account and I’m not watching it please stop taking my money out of my account for star and I’m not watching it I’ve never seen it y’all owe me money stop taking my money please or we’re going to court

  11. Joanna Cassara says:

    I want to cancel my service because starz is trying to force me to watch what I don’t want to watch. I press play to watch what I want and a preview of something else comes up. If I’m paying for it I should be able to watch what I want to watch. cancel my service or stop the nonsense.

  12. Mirella Caussade says:

    I want to cancel my free trial offer frankly quite honest it sucks their movies seem so barbaric and Corbin copies of Netflix so Startz is nothing more then just a waste of my money if I don’t request it time! I hear your company hasn’t have a good reputation once a trail is ending you supposedly don’t make your future membership time enough to decline! So their you have it I expected the trial membership yesterday and today I’m canceling it!! So it’s official I won’t be suckered in like others people you did it to!!

    Sincerely All most a dissatisfied customer in the future and while we’re still add it “ DON’T SELL MY EMAIL INFORMATION TO ANY OTHER SCAM – LIKERS!! almost in the future!! No need to contacting me and ( FYI ) don not sell, nor trade me email of any information you may have in your site in this digital world we live in today!! Besides it’s been a while I have had to my attorney draw up any lawsuits for me!! I think this holloween I will be a sue queen!! 🥂🥂🥂🥂

  13. Jolene Enzinna-Angevine says:

    I never ordered this or used it. Two charges have showed up on my PayPal account. I’ve been trying to get them credited and cancel whatever service this is. If this is the stars channel, I have it through my cable company for years.

  14. James Harcum says:

    I have try to call to cancel my subscription but nobody will answer and unable to do it on line I wish I had seen the comments first I don’t want it just did it a little while ago haven’t watched anything then you make it hard to take it off is this some kind of scam cause I will call the better business Bureau so you better email me to let me know you unsubscribe d me

  15. Kathryn kitterman says:

    I didnt order starz and you charged me 46.53 for something i didnt order. Tried your phone number and it just goes to a busy signal

  16. Mary Underwood says:

    I had cancelled the starz subscription in October, before my 7 days were up. I saw the confirmation page and everything. I have not watched anything since that day, so I took down the app and was done. Unfortunately I later saw that I had been charged for the Starz app. This is a problem. This is the most convoluted service I’ve ever participated in. Does not matter what you show on your app if it’s going to be this difficult to trust your service.

  17. Dlorah Curtiss says:


  18. Kandie Beckwith says:

    There is no reason that a customer can not talk to a real person and have them cancel the subscription on their end instead of pushing them off to on line where the subscriber is having issues. I had the misfortune of talking to some little blond bimbo from California who was no help what so ever. I just want to cancel. Cancel. Cancel.

  19. Patricia Bryant says:

    I canceled my prescription like two months ago and I believe I still have charges on my credit card and I can’t tell if I canceled or not..

  20. Nicholas Gibson says:

    They charged me yet I bn tryna cancel can’t afford it due to covid illness plz can I get a refund of the money

  21. Cheryl A Carpenter says:

    What is google starz I never asked for this I just notice u guys taking money from my card….please cancel out and return my funds

  22. Michael Riggins says:

    I’m paid up till February 20-21 but Stars still took out monthly charge. I want to cancel my subscription.

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