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How Do I Cancel Accountant's Copy In QuickBooks

QuickBooks Cancel Accountant’s Copy

QuickBooks meets all of the expectations of the user hence it is one of the best accounting software. It gives you a organized atmosphere to manage the work more perfectly. However, sometime while working you may needs to manage the Accountant’s copy. The standard process has been described below , moreover if user getting any specific issue or problem while cancelling Accountant’s Copy connect QuickBooks 800 Toll Free Number 📞 1-866-497-0057 for right assistance .

Below mentioned article overview of Accountant’s copy and how to cancel QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy.
What Is QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy And Its Workflow ?
It is a way through which you are allowing your accountant to work simultaneously with your books and with company file. Additionally, the Accountant’s copy file transfer feature is available with intuit server through, which helps you to exchange the data between you and your accountant.

When QuickBooks User Need Cancelling Accountant’s Copy ?

Reasons of Cancel QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy
If your accountant have accountant’s copy then it is very much possible to cancel accountant’s copy of your data. However, make sure to discuss about this thing with your accountant before making this change. Below mentioned are some reasons which become the cause of cancelling accountant change.

  • Faced some corrections which needs to do before the dividing date.
  • The accountant delayed the review of your file.
  • May be your accountant want to work in your file without any transactions restrictions and makes appointment to come to office to work remotely via internet.
  • You are not able to change some non posting documents such as Purchase order , sales order etc prior to dividing date.

How To Cancel QB Accountant’s Copy Step By Step ?

Have you ever think that if you don’t require the service of your accountant than what should you do? It is always better to cancel the accountant file instead of keeping it. If you let the accountant copy open then it could create the issues later on. Anyone can access the file and make some changes without your permission or knowledge.

To avoid such scenarios you should cancel the accountant copy when it is not required. To cancel QuickBooks accountant’s copy follow the below steps.

  • Open your QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Click on File option then >> Send Company File.
  • Now go to Accountant’s copy >> Client Activities >> and then select Remove Restrictions.
  • Finally, select the option mentioned as “ Yes I want to remove all Accountant’s Copy restrictions”.
  • After that click on Ok to complete the process.

However, in older versions steps are little different

  • Open the QB software.
  • Go to File menu.
  • Select Accountant’s copy >> client activities option.
  • See and choose remove restrictions option.
  • Locate the option “Yes I want to remove the accountant’s copy restrictions” and select it.

After following these steps, QuickBooks notify that your accountant copy has been cancelled.

Help Cancellation QuickBooks Accountant’s copy Failed

Hopefully, the above information helps you to know the details to cancel QuickBooks accountant’s copy and through following the above mentioned steps to cancel QuickBooks Accountant’s copy any one is able to cancel the accountant’s copy. Instead of keeping the file it is always advised to delete that file to save space and to prevent access to unauthorized people.

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  1. Brian Ogden says:

    I was trying to restore a file from our accountant and something transpired and crashed now I have no quickbooks file on my computer! it is the desktop pro plus 2019

  2. Diane Carr says:

    I am switching accountants and need to cancel the accountants copy, but remove restrictions is grayed out and no longer a selection. How can I remove the accountant’s access to my files?

  3. Lee Hawkins says:

    I can’t bring in my accountants copy…it tells me I’m using the wrong company file. This was after it failed to open my company file because the multi-user feature was turned on–I never turned it on. I fixed this already. I need to get my accountant’s changes in…

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