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After the death of DMOZ directory in March 14, 2017 people were feeling the gap, so we gathered our acts together and introduced to the world a guidebook of businesses that empowers them with complete information about any business with complete details about the company and not just provide the website link.

It’s a little surprise that some of the world’s richest companies are knowledge-based and knowledge-driven businesses. Information is the key to power, but it only becomes effective when it is collected and organized in the right manner and gets delivered at the right time and right place.

10-20 years ago, no one could imagine how limitless possibilities could be unleashed just by the touch of a button of a mobile. But today you can order any product or service in a snap and it arrives at your doorsteps within minutes. Dynamic entrepreneurs with a keen vision for future set examples by constantly challenging limits and by coming up with groundbreaking ideas to establish trust and authority in the market. And of course, all successful businesses leave no stone unturned in finding newer avenues of connecting with prospective customers and gauging their market satisfaction.

Information over technology can travel faster unlike goods, and it can be shared over and has no expiry limits. Constantly evolving information quickly supersedes or invalidates the old one and as a result, bears newer and better outcomes. IsOpenToday was formed keeping in mind the dynamically changing, fast-paced market of today. Our directory started with a small category of business listings ranging from Computers & peripherals, IT & IT related support services and home shopping products. Since then, we have been constantly evolving and have been adding newer product listings and services in our bouquet.


Today IsOpenToday is has evolved into a full-blend hybrid directory catering to a wide array of businesses and interest segments alike such as D2C (distributors to customers), B2C (business retail to customers), B2B (business to business), and B2G (business to government agencies).

We have been awarded several accolades and recognized as one of the most trusted sources of first hand and up to date information with several add-on features that makes us stand way ahead from all the standard directories in the market.

The directory incorporates a wide gamut of businesses and services ranging from Accounting Software Support, Travel, Flight Bookings, Ecom Websites, Shopping, and Household Products, Hotel Listing, Cruise Booking, Health, and Lifestyle-related products all the way to local businesses like Barbershop and Grooming Salons, Restaurants, Car Repair Garages, Spares and More. To provide more efficacy to our listings, we ensure to add complaints and independent reviews, annual deals, and discounts, coupons and loyalty programs, etc. wherever possible to help visitors in making an informative decision. All our listings are extensive, up to date, genuine, and accurate and are backed by authentic product reviews and ratings and real life experiences of people who have used them.

IsOpenToday is designed to cater to absolute need-based searches as well as more discerning comparison based searches. You can search businesses through location, services, ranking and more.

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